video / 3min / 2019 

When the heat rises, virus can reappear.
With the melting of permafrost, old diseases have reappeared, like Anthrax.
A lot of things, like bodies, virus, are trapped in the permafrost.
With the melting, everything could resurface.
A 30.000 year old virus was discovered in the permafrost.

The scientists called it a giant virus.
This project concerns the ascension of the virus, 
while the permafrost is melting.
It is like a lift.
As one is reaching the surface, the other is disappearing.

Definition by
Permafrost is a geological term for a soil that has a temperature below 0°C for more than two consecutive years. It represents 20% of the earth’s surface.
Permafrost is covered by a layer of soil, called “active zone”,
which thaws in summer and thus allows the development of vegetation.